Every situation properly perceived, becomes an opportunity to heal.

A Course in Miracles

Life is best understood as a classroom in which each challenge you are facing is but an area of your life where you have not yet understood or applied the Truth of who you are. According to A Course in Miracles the goal of this life to obtain inner peace by remembering that we are not who we think we are, we are not our ego (small, separated self) but are one with the Almighty and each other. Life provides us with opportunities every day for the “atonement” or rather, “undoing” of our thought system rooted in fear and a return to a thought system of love. This change in thinking and clarity of vision is achieved by choosing lover over hate and forgiveness over judgement with the assistance of the Holy Spirit who resides within each of us. These shifts in consciousness from fear to love are what The Course refers to as “miracles,” and creating these miracles are our true purpose while here on earth.

So, what are your lessons? Take a moment and look at your life, where do you suffer? Where is there peace lacking? Where do you hold grievances? Where is your life not working? Are you bitter over a past love affair? Do you resent your parents? Are you chronically ill? Are you lonely, depressed, and anxious? Do you overeat or have addictions? Do you make bad financial decisions? Do you generally struggle with money? Do you feel guilt over your past behavior? Do you lack confidence, drive and courage? You probably answered “yes,” to many of these questions and even though they’re very general your experience is not and you likely have a very unique experience that has brought to you this point in life. In other words, as a unique individual you will have your own lessons to learn in this classroom, we call life. The Course describes your lessons as “highly individualized” and teaches that God can use any error in thinking and any circumstances to assist you in creating miracles in your life.

I recommend making a list of all the areas where you suffer and asking God to help you see each of those areas as He would have you seem. For He would not have you hold a grievance, a judgement or be jealous, angry, depressed or experiencing lack of any sort or illness. Those things do not exist to God and he would not have them exist for His children. Where you’re experiencing these things is where you need to ask God to help change your mind and bring a miracle. These are the areas where your perception is incorrect and restoration to your true nature, your true self and true way of thinking is necessary for healing. Make this list and realize that each area where you are suffering will be your road to inner peace. God can use anyone right where they are for His purposes, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done, it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from the only thing that matters is that your willing to see things differently and are open to letting God guide you to your true purpose here in life. The lessons are in front of you, there is no veil that could hid them from you and no other way to inner peace.

Let us pray:

Dear God,

At times, the world I see all around me is of pain and suffering. I see it in my life, I see it the lives of my family and friends and it is undeniably true for many of your children around the world.

I realize now that I have heard Your memory calling me and refused it, I have at other times heard Your memory calling me and embraced it. I know the world I see around me is an hallucination, a veil hiding the Real world which you have created for your children.

Dear God, I no longer wish to see suffering in my life or the lives of your children, I ask you to enter my mind and change my vision. Help me to remember, help me to see, help me to feel the world you have made.

Where I see war, show me Peace.

Where I see sorrow, show me Comfort.

Where I see lack, show me Abundance.

Where I see illness, show me Wholeness.

Where I see sadness, show me Joy.

Where I see confusion, show me Clarity.

Where I do not know the way, Dear God, guide me.