We Offer Two Ongoing Classes

These healing classes will help you in your next spiritual steps. They are offered individually or in group session when available. Courses are $250 and weekly payments can be arranged as well as scholarship opportunities. To make arrangements please email LoveIsGreaterCenter@gmail.com

Spiritual Awakening

We all have moments of feeling helpless, out of control and at the mercy of forces seen as outside ourselves. Feeling this way is discouraging, depressing, and sometimes overwhelming. We may also feel angry or resentful. We are ready to defend or withdraw at the slightest provocation out of the frustration of being at the mercy of forces seemingly beyond our control. At times like this, we do not feel peaceful.

Healing the Inner Child

We all have a need to feel accepted and loved unconditionally. If your parents were not loved unconditionally, they each developed an inner child which felt unloved. This made it hard for your parents to love you the way you wanted and needed to be loved. When you were not loved unconditionally, you too developed an inner child which felt unloved.

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