The LOVE>FEAR Spiritual Center

Are you spiritual but not religious?

We have a Spiritual Talk & Meditation every Sunday on Spiritual Truths and Practices that can help transform your life!

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What does “spiritual but not religious mean?”

It means that we believe there are certain Spiritual Truths founded in Love, Peace and Joy that can transform anyone’s lfe.

We belive these Spiritual Truths can be found in all faiths, from Buddhism to Christianity to the non-religious.

We believe these Spiritual Truths are founded in a God and Universe that loves all of its creations regardless of race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identification, religion, political affiliation, or any seeming difference.

We believe in the dismantling of the thought systems of fear that would hinder any person’s fullest expression on earth.

We believe in love, peace and equality for all.

Right here. Right now.