We are a spiritual community dedicated to individual and planetary awakening. We teach Universal Spiritual Principles that can be found in many of the great religious and spiritual traditions. These are Universal Truths and no organization, religion or path has any monopoly on these Truths. They simply are. We believe the awareness and application of these principles can create a more Loving, Peaceful and Happier planet for all.
  1. God made every sentient being and made each of us equal.
  2. God did not create the world. Mad did.
  3. Our true nature is Love and that Love is present for us at all times.
  4. Time in silence is vital to inner peace.
  5. Prayer is the Medium of Miracles.
  6. Miracles are natural and our birthright.
  7. Miracles are a shift in perception from fear to love.
  8. We each have an inner wisdom that can guide us.
  9. Our ego is the part of ourself that has forgotten who we are, it is a lack of love that is in need of healing.
  10. We are all One and responsible for one another’s well being and awakening.